what this graduate did to his great-grand mother will move you to tears

During their graduation ceremony from the College & University in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal The School of Law Graduation when Bachelor of Laws graduate, Njabulo Ntombela dressed in ibheshu (Zulu traditional dress) took off his graduation gown and draped it on his great-grandmother, Ms. Nomkikilizo Ntombela who is 89.


The gesture symbolized his acknowledgement of her contribution to his success. In a way, it was an acknowledgement of the enormous contribution made by oGogo and oKhokho who raise their grandchildren. His success was her success. They both hail from Nkandla. Siyabonga Khokho.

He raises the bar for all graduates to acknowledge those who helped them on their paths and what better way than to honor them when they are still alive. this is the sweetest thing ever.




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