The screen goddess Ndamo Damarise

Ndamo Damarise has the face of a goddess; which some will see it as destined for the screen. But not only does she look that good, she also has distinguished herself by making her mark in the industry as a rare combination of beauty and exceptional talent.

Ndamo D

The reason why she immediately became a sensation after featuring in the series “Rumble” of Billy Bob Ndive in 2015.She was immediately sorted out for another role in the series ‘Samba “The following year. It later became a very busy year as she played key roles in movies like Nkanya Nkwai’s ”Life point”“The Audition”, and “The Application” and later starred alongside Ghanaian Nadia BUARI in “Apple for two’ directed by Enah Johnscott EARLY 2017… She equally is a video vixen, if you doubt check out Mr. Leo‘s Kemayo and come back with a wow.

“I’m not dying without a story”

In Itambi’s WardZee she plays KATE ADANG a scriptwriter who lives in solitude. Kate as curious as a cat finds her newest neighbors strange morning routines fascinating. A single encounter with PAGE her weird neighbor takes her back to her desk and unto a new story whose plot is unknown at the dawn of her expedition but when the chips fall out and a more scary story seem to unfold before her eyes she more than anything will rather lose her life protecting the strange girl whose life is in danger as well as try to make sense of the chain of events that dramatically unfold as she with the help of her boyfriend JACK, Danny and Aby unravel one of the biggest secrets of a hospital.

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