Some Cameroonian YouTube channels you probably didn’t know about.

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There’s a YouTube channel for nearly any interest even the ones you didn’t know you had. making it hard to know exactly where to start.

Whether you want to follow a seasoned makeup artist as they try different products, find a new hairstyle to wear to work, or learn how to cook those mouthwatering dishes or learn how to combine clothes and fine which stores are selling your style this list has something for everyone. It’s not a compilation of the most popular and highest-paid YouTube celebrities, but rather a selection from Ndolezon’s perspective to promote Cameroon youtubers.

Our goal is simple: to help you know who to watch when you are looking for that kind of entertainment.

1, Precious Kitchen.

At 11,990 subscribers, Precious Meshi gives us the simplest and most effective recipes of mostly Cameroonian dishes. this is a channel worth the following whether you can cook or not you will enjoy her so so delicious recipes.

2, Sally Williams alias Better Pikin.

she is based in Finland and makes videos about lifestyle and makeup. she does fashion Hauls and you won’t regret you subscribed,

3, Mani Keny

This Germany based youtuber has an all in one channel… she does music covers, makeup, dances, and fashion reviews… with Mani, you never get bored.

Friendly Tip: The best way to use YouTube as an entertainment platform is by subscribing to channels you enjoy. This will result in new episodes showing up in your recommendations, as well as getting notifications when these new videos are published.


Christabel is a Uk based beauty pageant who mostly makes videos on her natural hair journey and makeup… she has the direction to the longest lasting twists. naturalistas… go follow her.

5, Fonkeng Dolly

Currently based in Dubai she does skincare, fashion, all things DIY and makeup. she uploads videos every Tuesday and Friday… take the rendezvous and watch life from Dubai.

6, Lenora Tee

Lenora is a US-based badass makeup artist…she does the most entertaining videos… follow her and share in her world.

7, MyLife as Favour

Her videos are on hair, sewing, cooking videos, DIYs, reviews, chit chat and life experiences. she publishes her videos on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. her goal is to get 3000 subscribers by MAY 24: 2018.. please make her wish come true and go follow

8, Juliet Xtra

she is into Fashion, lifestyle and Motivational vlog (Xtra Talk) and has invested alottttt into her videos. subscribe with extra speed.

9, TiaMorra

she equally does videos on makeup, fashion, beauty, health and wellness, lifestyle and inspirational videos. she sure has fun in her videos… go follow her.

10, ItzGina

Oh my her reaction videos are fun to watch.

youtube has replaced the satellite TV as the preferred source of entertainment for the footloose 4G generation spend much of their time in front of laptops and tablets instead of TVs. This has also brought forward personalities to the limelight which may not have appeared on TV screen but millions of people around the world recognize and follow them owing to the popularity of their YouTube channels…go follow and  #supportyourown

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