“Sickle Cell warrior” Nora Brown shares her story for the first time.

Nora Brown

Nora Brown is an award-winning UK based Cameroonian businesswoman and a mother of 4. CEO of Cowboy groove party and owner and CEO of Nora Brown cakes. she has been nominated 4times for best cake Decor.  3 of the nominations in a row by OSCAR’S CAAUK(CAMEROON ACHIEVERS AWARD UK) from 2015-2017 which she won and one nomination by CCWA Cameroon Career Women Award. 

Nora Brown is brave, supportive, lively and with a very lovable personality. Her Decor and cakes seem as the only thing there is to know about her but read on to get to know her story.

she recently shared some information about her personal life which actually caught our attention

“I have really never put my hospital admissions on social media or my life experiences but I decided it’s time to share it. If I am to write a book, it’ll be millions of pages.
I was born with Sickle Cell Disease. I didn’t choose to be born that way. People insult me, mock me, bruise me, insult even my children. Many said, ‘she can’t make babies’, others, ‘she can’t reach the age of 25’, but here I am 35 yrs old with 4 beautiful children (My only source of happiness)
My recent admission was a complex one. I was actually well and sound and on the phone when suddenly all my joints shut down in agony. I was home alone with my children. My first son, got on phone with the ambulance. They said they’ll be as soon as they can. I cried and screamed in pain and my kids watched me. I cried so bitterly that I lost strength even to scream. I gripped on the fists of my two elderly sons and whispered I can’t take this pain anymore. That was the last sentence my remaining energy could take. And I went silent watching. My kids started crying thinking mummy was gone. Michael Angel fell on me, shaking me, saying mummy No. Wake up. Luke held on to David’s David Junior ‘s Leg as he carried Rebecca and was on the phone with the ambulance. He kept calling 999 until ambulance finally came. (My heart was bleeding watching all that). I was given first aid pain relief and my kids were assured mummy would be fine. At that time my partner & neighbours had come around.
I was taken to QEH hospital. It’s a pity how some doctors even till today do not understand how to manage sickle cell disease(SCD). I was there for 3 days and nights and cried constantly not even being able to gain 1hr of sleep. I realised how I was feeling inside, how close to death I was, I requested they move me to a different hospital. They wouldn’t buldge. I had to reach out to a friend to come take me out immediately because my mobility was restricted due to excessive pain in the bones. He got to the hospital and rushed me to St Thomas hospital as I requested. On arriving the A&E department, just by the receptionist looking at how week I was, tears running down my eyes, he left his desk and held my fist and said we’ll get that pain down. I was rushed into resuscitation, several doctors coming close to me, and here I am today at home with my children.
In conclusion to this, SCD is living with pain all your life. It is more than labour pain or cesarean section. It is sharp and stabbing. It can be described as a thousand pins and hammers put into me at the same time. & It is life-threatening.

Nora Brown

she is indeed a warrior and a proof that your case is different… we salute you.


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