One Heart Hope to an Orphan foundation plans a three day reach out program.

one heart foundation
ONE HEART Hope to an orphan Foundation

The ONE HEART project is an initiative inspired and organized by Cameroon’s renowned chef,

Chef Ali. A man with his hand on his heart. This initiative is founded from a desire to reach out to the underprivileged and the desire to make the world a better place one step a time.It is birthed from the desire to
give back to the community.


We believe a single act of kindness can go a long way to give hope to someone who has none. A show of care can put a permanent smile on someone’s face.

We have the vision to have a world where everyone can stand for themselves.

We want to offer to the orphans One at a time  A chance to stand on their own.
By supporting this movement, you will help sponsor an orphan through a vocational training of their choice and to set them up in their own business… Allowing them to also create jobs for others.
Visiting orphanages with food for a day is a great thing to do.. .but creating a lasting impact is way better

The ONE HEART initiative will be a 3-day project with fundraising activities. it will be in Buea mini coquette Bonduma from Nov 10th 2017.

DAY 1 – A car wash

one Heart car wash
This will be an opportunity for car owners to support the movement by washing their cars at a token price. all proceeds of this activity will go towards the sponsorship program
Day 2- the communion
this will be the chance for everyone to live a day with the orphans. We will cook, play and chat with the orphans.
Chef Ali will be leading the stoves. We shall share the stories of the orphans and try to see the day through their eyes.

It will also be the opportunity for us to select which orphan will be benefitting from the charity reach out.

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 Day 3- The fundraiser street concert

The ONE HEART initiative will involve Cameroon hip-hop artists like Pascal, Draeboi, Chef Ali, and many others.
Day 3 will hence be another opportunity to raise funds for the sponsorship program through an open call for
support during the free street concert laced with other fun activities . It will also be the day we reveal to the public which orphan(s) will be benefiting from the project

              The call

one heart foundation

No help is too small.No support is negligible. This is a call to support this initiative,financially and physically.Let’s build a betterworld… add a little hope to an orphan. One orphan a time.

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