Oboy Da Comic in an Exclusive interview with Ndolezone.

Oboy Comedy

Oboy, One of Cameroonian’s biggest and successful comedians Forka Ferdinard staged named Oboy Da Comic had an exclusive interview where he tells us more about his career and building the industry.

Thank you so much for taking time to be with us today. could you tell us a little bit about Oboy

First of all, I wish to say Beri ven (thank you) for this special opportunity you have given me to talk about myself and my Rib-Cracking job. I don’t get this very often. My true true is Ferdinal Forka. I Hail from Nsoland precisely from Jakiri subdivision. I’m second from a family of 5 children. I’m actually from a polygamous home. With two moms that I love so much. Like Stanley Enow ma papa too na soldier… lived for most of my life in Yaounde. Presently I work in Buea, as a SYAC.

I was recently appointed at the University of Buea where I’m called to exercise my duty as a Youth Councillor among the student community. Comedy to me is a tool, for sensitization n moralization. Many people don’t know I’m a Senior Youth and Action Counsellor, and graduate from the National Institute of Youth and sports (INJS-Yaounde) where I obtained an MA in Sociocultural Tourism and Recreational sciences. Man na civil servant. Lol. That aside, upon my admission into the NIYS in 2011, I joined the institutes’ theatre band. It contributed a lot in becoming more professional.

How did you get into comedy

Been performing for almost a Decade now. I mounted a stage the first time in 2007. Upon my entry into the University of Yaounde 1 in 2007, where I read GEOGRAPHY I joined the PRIMS ENTERTAINMENT BAND I began facing audiences. Many Comedians I’m sure will tell you “Na hungry make me join Comedy”. My case is kinda different. My life hasn’t been a bowl of candy. I practically suffered a lot from solitude in my days in Secondary school and Uni.

Comedy was the only thing that kept me company, my source of happiness and friend too. I didn’t have many friends you know. So I found so much fun n pleasure seeing others laugh. To me, every platform was an opportunity for me to make friends (even if it’ll last only for that moment).

I just love seeing people happy. Back in the secondary school I already had this sense of humor. I’ll thrill my classmates during sport’s periods and break time with punchlines. The true true Oboy Da Comic came to be in 2007…While still in school I started my show the OBOY COMEDY SHOW in 2014. we’ll be at our 6th edition on Sunday 7th April.

Oboy doing what he does best

do u write your own jokes?

In as much as I’m inspired by other household names in the domain of comedy, I write at least 80% of my jokes. To build material also, we at the Oboy Comedy Show team collectively come up with funny stories that we build the punchlines… OBOY COMEDY SHOW has a team of Comedians apart from the general organizational team. The crew has 7 comedians as we speak: Oboy Da Comic, De Oracle, Aloga, Virginity-Vikings, Biggest P, Piero Doubt and Kyng lyodd.

what does it take to be a comedian from your own perspective?

Having a sense of humor is a key tool in being a Standup Comedian. Then, you have to be very open-minded and always swift in finding the funny even in the worst. Lol. Comedians have to be extra smart and must be a GOOD LISTENER too. He equally has to be very knowledgeable (have a good mastery of general knowledge).

we understand that comedians could be great actors… have you thought of joining the CFI?

I have always been part of the CFI even before I joined Comedy. I attend almost all movie Premieres each time I have the means. Acting has been a passion of mine ever since I joined the PRIMS GRASSFIELD ENTERTAINMENT Band. I was a cast for a feature film in 2016 (I no know where the film end today sef. Lol). At the end of last year.

I received the Award for Best Comedy skits of the year 2017 from The Red Feather Awards. I write and act in comedy skits. I did a skit with the Award-winning Francophone comedian Mustik Karismatik. I have feature Cameroonian Actress Stephanie Tum in two comedy skits: Ascension Day and Cartouche. video available on my on my Facebook page Oboy Comedy Show. Cartouche will be released soon.

We recently shot and released Money palava. Our skits on Facebook have an average of 10 000 views. Chaii man Di try ooh😊. In Money Palava I worked with Helen whyte, Becki kiki. The aim here is to continue building a fan base for both the actors and Cameroon comedy… Hopefully, in the month of April, I will be doing a skit, that I’ve written already with Nollywood Actor Ramsey Noah.

My dream is to be able to gradually build a mega audience so that when I do my very first feature (long) comedy movie someday, it is received like AY’s 30 Days in Atlanta and others.

describe your self on stage using a kame movie title

I particularly love the movie A man for the weekend. that could be me every other weekend.

Are you into comedy full time or do u have other side hustles you do besides comedy?

Of course, I’m into Comedy full time. Talking about other gigs, more and more people have called me to emcee their occasions (weddings, birthday parties, award ceremonies etc). Like I said earlier, I’m a Senior Youth and Action Counsellor. I work with the less privileged, the vulnerable, NGOs, Youths and kids. My job as a counselor in few words can be called a mediator, facilitator, Social worker.

we loved this beard on you

how will you describe your job to a 10yr old?

I’ll tickle the child. When she laughs I go tell her *that’s my job

what happens if you crack a joke and no one laughs?

Honestly, it is devastating. Most of the times I spend at least 3 sleepless nights wondering how. But then, you must seat up and understand that it happens. The rate has reduced though. Lol, today, bad how bad ho, people laugh each time I hold the mic. I thank God for that grace every day.

what is the most embarrassing experience you have had so far?

Hahahahaha. I will never forget that day. I was still in school. We had an amazing theatre play on the 7th of March 2014.  During the concert, about 3 music artists are called on stage. Then speeches came up (Oboy is seating impatiently waiting to be called). Na emcee come spoil all thing😂😂. He called people to go to the buffet table for their meal…then these were his words ‘while we’re going to dish out food, one funtime guy will make us laugh’. My God… I performed for over 10 minutes nobody had my time. People could literally shift me to the side to go serve food😂😂. I fell sick the next day.

who and what inspires you?

The trio Basketmouth, Buchi and Bovi inspire me a lot. Each time I watch these 3 perform, I see a bit of me. I’m very much inspired by our daily happenings too (in and out of the country). Women too are an important source of inspiration. Thier drama, their beauty, etc. Nothing thrills more than real life experience jokes. I exploit a lot of life’s experience

hahaha, so should we expect you to have ndolezone in your future jokes?

Certainly. Ndole (bitter leaf)🤔. So expect not but the bitter truth when they choose to come to your zone and make it a NdoleZone. Thank you for coming to my zone🙏🏾

hahaha that was a good one…. can u teach someone to be funny? 

With my little experience and owing to the fact that I was trained in it, I can say without any fear of contradiction that I can teach someone to be funny. but like I said earlier open-mindedness and swift in finding the funny even in the worst is a great factor.

on stage

what difficulties do you face as a comedian

Today I don’t call them difficulties anymore. I call them challenges. Because I’m fighting every day to face them. As a Comedian and have been privileged to have had so many platforms and always being invited on TV platforms, talkless of my skits that are shown on these platforms, People know them say Money don come*😥. As a Comedian too, many of my ex’s have hardly taken me seriously when I want to be serious. Lol. Thank God for my *CouCou.

she alone knows how to know me. Hahahahaha. In the industry, a lot of colleagues still look down on me and sometimes take me for a competitor. Hell No!. I believe Standup Comedy is a collective art. It is all about each hand and any Comedian being unique.

Talking of ‘Coucou we heard rumors that you are involved with singer Mimi Baya…

It’s is no longer a rumor. Na true ya. Lol. And ma hand love for her carry Award. Lol… I am excited because in less than two months I go shock wuna (winks).

Is there a union where you guys come together and organize events

Before coming up with my show in 2014, Mp3, myself and 4 other comedians (Bardlybrought-up, virginity, Kamerun Popman and Learned Lord) created the FUNNY DOCTORS. Here, we reflect on issues concerning Comedy and watch each other back. Like I said earlier, OBOY COMEDY SHOW is more like an association too. With my team members, we work together and build our 237Standup Comedy. As matter of fact, in December we put skills and forces together to come up with one of our team member’s show, De Oracle Comedy show.
Nationally, we have an association called CAMCOMICS (Association of Anglophone Standup Comedians). There we reflect on issues of general interest.

which comedians can you mention as renowned?

First of all, I know only two COMEDIANS in Nigeria: Mr. Ibu and Okwa (no argue me)😂😂 #Davido.
I’ll start with a guy that I’m so jealous of his talent, Senior Pastor I respect him a lot; De Oracle, Aloga, Virginity, Mp3, MC Mulango,Topi, MC Calvino. The list long no be joke.

Tell us about your event coming up on the 7th ..who and what we shoil expect to see

Thank you very much for asking Ndolezone..We have done since its inception in 2014, FIVE editions of the show. And by God’s Grace, we’re still on the pitch. Every year, upon the financial and material challenges, we still manage to come up with at least a show. I owe this to my diehard team member with Chufi Henriette as team-manager, Carisma Esther Patrick as the communicator, Emily Miki as PRO, and all the other 10 members.

comic invasion April 7th 2018 poster

On April 7th Oboy Comedy Show VI “Comics Invasion” will be happening in Yaounde, INJS (my former institute). And the stakes are high because my professors who taught me Event management will be in the hall. It’s definitely going to be carefully organized. This year again, we’re setting the bar higher. 15 Cameroonian Comedians: 10 coming from Limbe, Kumba, Buea, and Bamenda. It will indeed be an Invasion. And of course, we will have musical interludes.

Our special music guest, who pledged his presence last night, Mr. Leo will be part of the concert. Wan Shey, Amdi, Rizzy Ray are going to constitute our musical package… Comedians for this Edition have been carefully selected. Only the best to make our ever increasing audience laugh.

Our objective for this Edition is to show to the world how that we Cameroonian Comedians are ready for our spot on the map. Our fingers are crossed now praying we have a full house that day.

We’re inviting everyone to make INJS-Yaounde their destination on Saturday 7th of April. Let’s keep building the dream TOGETHER.

TICKETS are AVAILABLE ooh. 2000 FCFA (regular) 5000 FCFA (VIP) 20 000 FCFA (VIP Couples) and 100 000 FCFA (Table for 6)

I Wish to end by kidnapping this rare opportunity to say A SPECIAL THANK YOU to NdoleZone for locating my Zone. Keep telling our stories. Long live our Showbiz, long live our Growing 237Standup Comedy. Long live NdoleZone future to export Oboy Comedy Show and our 237Standup Comedy to other parts of Africa and beyond.

we wish you the best and keep soaring. thank you for your time.





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