Meet Gobina charlotte

Gobina charlotte

Kicking off her career as far back as 2012 in Segio Marcelo’s TV series “paradis season 3”; This young sizzling diva has over the years proven that she is a force to reckon with in the Cameroon film industry.Enroling into the Buea film  academy in 2012 and graduating top of her class, She with a rare mastery of character interpretation slowly but surely climbed the ladder to fame landing major roles in other impactful movies like “Stuck”, Goretti Etchu Egbe’s “Woman” ,Billy Bob Ndive Lifongo‘s “Rumble” ,”Chasing tails” and most recently  the series“Apple for two” and yes she also sings in case you come across HEAVEN IS SAD by  (CHACHA)  know that is yours truly who sang it.

“Where is my baby”

In Ward Zee, she plays the character PAGE ASANJI .A young woman whose newborn baby mysteriously disappears in a ward (Zee)of a given hospital.Finding herself on the thin line between sanity and insanity, her life and that of her missing son now lie in the hands of a curious neighbor, a police officer, an ex-lover and her comeback sister.

There is more to know about the movie check their official website @ Wardzee official page

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