Making New Year Resolutions and Keeping them.


Another new year is here, the best time to take a chance and make a new beginning, set some goals and channel the inner Maya Angelou and getting your life together. I don’t know about you but I definitely make a dozen of new year resolutions that at the end of the year I look back and I haven’t done a single one of them. I will share with you some tips I am using this year to get 2018 moving.

Reflect on the previous year, where you have been, what you have achieved, what you failed to do and what you can fix. Do not just focus on the negative remember the times you laughed, the times you loved and forgive yourself for what you failed to do and stay positive.

Start with a clean slate. Plan 2018, look at the parts of your life you want to work on, it could be praying more, exercising more (this one always make the list lol), learning a trade, learning a recipe, eating right or anything you think you will fill fulfilled when doing it.

Set goals and prioritize them, don’t focus so much on superficial goals, concentrate mostly on things that make you a better person because when you are at ease with yourself you can do a lot and you easily spread positivity around you. Invest in your spirituality, that’s all that stays with you when the physical is gone. PS avoid making selfish resolutions like, I will only do things that please me, I will only take care of me, most times we make really selfish resolutions that only send us to feeling void because we exclude people from our lives.

make every day count

Cultivate positive habits, be kind, lend help, love, forgive be creative and avoid negative people; negative people kill all the positive seeds you have planted in your life. you may be misled to think negative people feel like a company but no, dont be fooled they just want to pull you into their negative world

leave the written resolutions and get to action. executing the resolutions u made keeps you motivated. Do not attach your self to the idea of what you want the new year to be for you, understand diversity and understand that sometimes life happens when you are busy making other plans.

Reward yourself after you complete a task, you could go hang with friends, you could buy yourself some new shoes. if you are like me, my life gets bored until I buy me a new thing, even a new handkerchief does the magic.

DO NOT  tie yourself down to the resolutions you made, be flexible and edit them when you feel like they are too rigid and follow a flexible style.

Happy new year 2018 and may you discover yourself and find your happy place.



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