Bonteh Digital Media Awards 2017 (BDMA) team addresses rumors of favoritism.

The first edition of the Bonteh Digital Media Awards that took place on the 22 Dec 2017 at Eta Palace is facing rumors of favoritism, like most awards, the BDMA has been openly questioned about awarding Joan Ngomba of Dcodedtv as best English blogger and Prince Enobi as best public relations.

It is rumored that they were awarded because they had “sponsored” the award or aided in one way or the other.

The Bonteh Digital Media Award team however made a disclaimer saying that neither Joan noh Prince ever sponsored the award, they had rather offered to help in services they are good at.

We strongly condemn such allegations. It is true the event had flaws and we are
working on correcting them as we prepare the 2nd edition. Votes were NEVER
tampered with as it has been alleged. All winners won by vote count

According to The Hot Jem Magazine, that was nominated in two categories( best online magazine and best fashion blogger) they stood a better chance to win in their category



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  1. claris this is great… really enjoy reading this article of yours… I was very happy seeing my classmate actor Jeffrey Epule… I would love to see more of this… its a great work dear… as i said; i would love to see more of this…

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