Adambi Mbango wears many caps in her career.

The USA based actress and producer Pulcherie the mondoni girl(as she calls herself) is known first of all as a fashion sensation who isn’t afraid to wear what she feels. After her first screen appearance in Victor Viyou’s multi-award winning movie “Ninahs Dowry”, it became glaring that Adambi Mbango was born for the screen. She has not only featured in other movies but took the bold step in producing her own movie Ndollo and the senator where she equally stared alongside one of Liberian Nollywood’s finest Frank Artus.

she wears a beautiful smile. pic credit… Del Mezzo photos

Bold, pretty, adventurous, talented and stylish are the few words best used by her fans to describe her personality, but for those who truly know her, her greatest treasure is none other than her kind and compassionate heart. This Libra queen is a diva with a soul…

She is Aby in Wardzee

”Drop the gun and I will make you a helpless believer”

In WardZee she plays the character ABY.Who returns home from Los Angeles to save her baby sisters life and together with a few others, unfold the mystery behind the disappearance of her baby. Aby is unapologetically Ruthless in achieving her goals.

check previous posts to catch up on other actors and stay tuned for more. visit Wardzee official page for more on the cast and plot of the movie. Wardzee is a movie written, directed and produced by Itambi Delphine.

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